At Abbas Juma Technical Services LLC, our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations as the quality leader in providing superior environmental cleaning services for commercial, industrial, professional and retail facilities. Our philosophy is that no two businesses have identical needs, nor do they want identical treatment. For that reason, we do not begin a relationship with a solution. For us a more logical method involves an examination, a diagnosis, a plan of treatment and only then, a cure. We cater to your individual cleaning needs. We believe that your home’s or facilities appearance is critical.

Company Credentials:

We provide industrial, residential, commercial, professional and retail cleaning services. We have been a leader in the business for over 26 years serving customers of all sizes. We are customer focused and customer driven. Our business philosophy of local service, with related capabilities, is the key to our success.

Our Activities:

Carpet and Sofa Shampooing, Carpentry Partition, Floor Scrubbing and Polishing, Interior Designing, Monthly and Annual cleaning, Masonry, Tile fixing, Painting, Building Maintenance, Civil and Electrical work, New construction, Plumbing, Sanitary work, Water proofing, Clean up-interior and exterior and 6 days a week service.

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